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Welcome to
Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble

The name Meritáge is our play on the vintner’s term meritage which refers to the blending of fine wines - hence, in musical terms, the “blending of fine voices” with a diverse mixture of repertoire and styles.

Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble is comprised of approximately 45 skilled and auditioned singers under the direction of Dr. Sheridan Ball. (more)

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Notes from our Artistic Director - Dr. Sheridan Ball

Hello Merry Music Lovers,

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful summer and the opportunity to get out and experience some fun and frivolity in that "warm California sun."  As you may know, Kathy & I took a delightful RV excursion up through Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.  Such a beautiful trip with awe inspiring scenery.  A great start to first year of living in our RV or as we like to call it, "Our Year in a Box."

Now we're back in action on the home front and gearing up for the coming 2014-15 concert season.  I know you will have a great time with the Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble as we begin our 8th season performing great music by some of the world's finest composers.  So take a look at our coming events and get those dates on your calendar.  We look forward to seeing you at these events.

Sun. Oct. 19 - Meritáge Cornucopia (mit Kuchen)

Since our "Dessert Concerts" have proven to be one of our most popular events, we have decided to open the season with a veritable "cornucopia" of musical offerings accompanied by delightful desserts.  I'm currently looking at repertoire that will represent the broad range of musical styles and periods which have become the trademark of Meritáge concerts

Sun. Dec. 7 - A Merry Meritáge Christmas

We will present our traditional holiday concert, in conjunction with the Starlight Carolers, at the neo-Gothic Anaheim First Presbyterian Church.  This concert has invariably proven to be our most well attended annual event.  There's always such a vast range of great music to choose from and I've already found some wonderful pieces that I know you'll enjoy.

Sun. March 22 - Life Upon the Wicked Stage

It's been quite a while since we last presented a Musical Theater/Opera concert.  I know many Meritáge singers and concert patrons are anxious to revisit this repertoire, and so we decided now would be the perfect opportunity to return to music for the stage. 

Sat. May 2 - Kentucky Derby Fundraiser

You know it takes a lot of moola to run a successful choir these days, but at least we make it fun for you to contribute!  Our big fundraiser this year will celebrate the Kentucky Derby...big juleps...and, per your requests, more music from the choir you love to support.

Sun. May 31 - "Amoré Amadeus"

It's been a few years since we last performed the Mozart Requiem, so we've decided to present this great work with orchestra as the season finale.  I have had a number of former singers express a desire to perform with us on special concerts, so we will invite all our singing compagni to join us for the rehearsals and performance of Mozart's great Requiem.       

Meritáge will open the concert with Mozart's beautiful Vespers (Vesperae Solennes de Confessore - K. 339).  This work contains some of Wolfgang's most soaring and inspired music from the ripe old age of 24.  To quote one scholar ... "For the "Laudate Dominum" Mozart composed one of his most memorably beautiful melodies; an operatic aria worthy of the Countess Rosina."  You will Love the Mozart Vespers.  Amore Amadeus is certain to be a grand conclusion to the eighth season of the Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble.

June-July 2015 Summer Tour

We will be going on tour to Austria and Germany next summer, so start saving those pennies - - - (OK Dollars). We would love to have you join us as either a singer or entourage.  So practice your German and let's go!  It's time for another great European adventure!

Get ready, mi amici, for another memorable concert season.  I'll be spending the remaining few weeks of the summer seeking out interesting and new material and thinking about great classics to include along the way.  It's always a fascinating puzzle to tackle en route to "Great" concerts.

See you soon.



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