Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble   174 W. Lincoln Ave. Suite 200, Anaheim CA 92805

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Assuming the role of Artistic Director is Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble founding Artistic Director Dr. Sheridan Ball.

Dr. Ball has shared his passion and gift for great music with the finest Southern California musicians and throughout the world from Carnegie Hall to the Sydney Opera House and beyond.

We thank Dr. Ball for his leadership through our transition while we search far and wide for just the right person to pass the baton to, continuing the Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble legacy.

About Meritáge

The name Meritáge is our play on the vintner’s term meritage which refers to the blending  of fine wines - hence, in musical terms, the “blending of fine voices” with a diverse mixture of repertoire and styles.

Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble is composed of approximately 60 skilled and auditioned singers under the direction of

Interim Artistic Director, Dr. Sheridan Ball.


Most Tuesdays from 7-10pm,

late August to late May.

Anaheim United Methodist Church hall,
1000 S. State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806.

The various sections of the choir take turns to provide snacks for the mid-evening break.

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Do I need to audition?

Eventually. But we make it easy for you.

We find the best place for you to sit while you just sing with us for a few weeks, and you discover whether you like the experience. Your section leader will informally get to know you and your voice. They will arrange some audition ice-breaker exercises so you'll know what to expect when you have your one-on-one with the Music Director. It's really not very daunting.


​Mark Salters
is Director of Opera, vocal coach, and pianist at California State University, Fullerton. Originally from New York, Salters served on the coaching staff of the Opera Department at the University of Michigan under Gustav Meier.  He has been on the faculty of the Yale University graduate opera program, and has accompanied master classes by many well known singers and coaches, and  has worked with conductors and directors from Los Angeles Opera, New York City Opera, Frankfurt Opera, St. Louis Opera, and the Metropolitan Opera.  Salters has also served on the music staffs of the University of Connecticut, Opera Theater of Connecticut, and the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven Connecticut. As Mr. Salters credits are  extensive, please click here to review his full bio.