Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble   174 W. Lincoln Ave. Suite 200, Anaheim CA 92805

IRC 501 (c)(3), Tax Id 95-4584695     (714) 519-6370

Admission $20​

Showcasing music surrounding this icon of the Baroque period. Accompanied by the Orange County Symphony, this concert incorporates  local high school students singing with Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble in order to further our goal of preserving the art of choral music for future generations.

May 26, 2018   7pm      NORTH MEETS SOUTH

DECEMBER 16, 2017   7pm

Featuring traditional music from throughout the world, including our well-loved audience sing alongs.

​​Anaheim United Methodist Church
​1000 South State College Blvd, Anaheim CA​

March 10, 2018   7pm      BACH'S LEGACY