Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble   174 W. Lincoln Ave. Suite 200, Anaheim CA 92805

IRC 501 (c)(3), Tax Id 95-4584695     (714) 519-6370

By placing an ad for your business or sending a message to a special singer in our concert programs, you will be showing your appreciation and support for vocal arts in the community. All ad proceeds go towards these performances and vocal arts education.

Your support is needed to ensure the future of choral literature far into the future. To place your ad or for more information, click the provided link.

Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble is dedicated to and supports excellence in performance of outstanding choral literature that engages and enriches our audiences, and celebrates and fosters the future of the choral arts. Concert seasons and annual fundraising events are made possible by the generous donations we receive from individuals and local corporations in our community. Donations are tax-deductible and support our 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Your support helps Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble grow, and in doing so, affords our organization the ability to provide sponsorships and scholarships for students and musicians.

Donors and sponsors receive special recognition for their support of Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble on our website and in our concert programs.

Thank you in advance for considering our request for sponsorship and supporting Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble. Your sponsorships and donations are always welcome and an important part of our mission.

Conductor’s Circle  $2500+
• Includes 4 tickets to all concerts in the 2020–2021 Season and 4 tickets to our annual fundraising event.

Grazioso Level      $1000–$2499
• Includes 2 tickets to all concerts in the 2020–2021 Season and 2 tickets to our annual fundraising event.

Cantabile Level     $500–$999
• Includes 2 tickets to all concerts in the 2020–2021 Season

Con Anime Level     $250–$499

Dolcissime Level    $100–$249
Espressivo Level    $25–$99

To mail your contribution, please send to:              

Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble
174 W. Lincoln Ave. Suite 200, Anaheim, CA 92805 

Please include your name(s) as you would like them to appear in our program.
Questions? Please call us at 714.519.6370 or send an email to

Thank You For Your Support! Any level of support is gratefully appreciated!

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You can help Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble continue its educational outreach program, providing students the opportunity to have in-class instruction, rehearsal time and sing with Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble while performing in a concert with a full orchestra.

Join us in person and in spirit via a donation today and support a cause close to your heart. Your contribution to Meritáge Vocal Arts Ensemble will help keep the music alive for generations to come.

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